The French West Indian Aperitif

The French West Indian terms defining the aperitif;

  • The "Take-off" (Décollage) or "Rouvé Zyé" (Open eyes) or "Ti ’Feu", followed by the "Shock Absorber" or "Crasé"
  • The "Didico": at 10 a.m.,
  • Le "Ti ’Lagout’": around 11 a.m.,
  • The "Ti’ Punch" or Ti’ Sek: around noon, followed by Ti ’50% (half Ti’ Punch) or Ti ’10%, or even Ti’ 5% to finish off the sugar,
  • The "Time of Christ": at 3 p.m. sharp,
  • "Ti ’Pape": around 5 p.m., the "Ti’ Sek" for domino players,
  • The "Starter": The last one before going to bed,
  • The "Pété Bwaguet ’": spiced rum made from aphrodisiac and energizing plants,
  • The "Pété Pié": the one too many that will trip you up.