Glossary for "Tafiamen"

Rum VS, VSOP, XO, "Hors D'âge"

Appellations for Rums aged in oak. The more a Rum aged in barrels, the more it is enriched by exchanges with wood. Its color is colored and the tannin is mixed with the aromas.

The art of the Cellar Master is to carefully elaborate recipes for aging this juice and possibly to make blends.

  • VS "Very Special", or even "Very Superior" or "Three stars"

Rum has aged at least two years before bottling.

  • VO "Very Old"

The Rum has remained in barrels for at least three years.

  • VSOP "Very Special Old Pale", or even "Reserve", or for AOC Martinique "Très Vieux" "Réserve Spéciale" "Cuvée Spéciale"

The Rum has aged in barrels for at least four years.

  • XO "Extra Old", or for AOC Martinique "Extra Vieux" or "Grande Réserve"

The Rum will have spent at least 6 years in barrels.

  • Hors D'âge

Exceptional rum from the same harvest without blending. Sunny year giving it unique flavors. This Rum will be of an extraordinary vintage.